2015 Personal Development Highlighted


What does Personal/Professional Development mean to you? I have found that it just as simple as striving to be a better version of yourself. Through that stride you learn from those who have more knowledge than you in the area you are trying to work on, whether you know them personally or can reach them via a book, podcast, or email blast.  In 2015, there were a few areas of development I focused on and Identified some useful resources to build my own personal team of mentors, sponsors and board of directors…


Wall Street Journal-I have been subscribing to the Wall Street Journal since Junior year in college (student price is substantially lower than normal subscription), however I did not truly understand and appreciate the information I was reading until three years ago. Key things to look for is the NEXT thing (Business, Technology, World News). here

Success Magazine-If you are an inspiring entrepreneur or want to focus on your personal development, this is the magazine for you. I purchased one in the airport earlier this year, and I have been hooked ever since. It also comes with a bonus audio cd…great for the drive into work. Sign up for free email blast of weekly inspiration here

Better Box-If you are looking for a recalibration great resource to actively work on gratitude, mindfulness, and other areas. I purchased the one on Gratitude and received a blast each morning of a task to complete, I learned to appreciate myself and others around me. My favorite was leaving little inspiration notes of gratitude in random places and writing notes of appreciation. here


“The Intelligent Investor” By: Benjamin Graham-Not an entertaining read but a great tool to learn about investing.

“The Automatic Millionaire” By: David Bach-Easy plan to follow, every high school, college student should read this book before stepping into the “real worlds”.

“Smart Woman Finish Rich” By: David Bach (I was clearly on a David Back Kick)…This book every woman should read, unfortunately many of us do not pay attention to the money, and we outlive our husbands/significant others. (He also has a book “Smart Couples Finish Rich”)

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” By: Patrick Lencion-This book is great for corporate America. Great resource on building effective teams.

“Make a Difference: In the Lives of those you Love, Live with, and Lead” By Dr: Larry Little-This book is great for self awareness and building better relationships through understanding of personalities (similar to Meyers Brigg). Take the free test to see what you are here. Are you a Lion, Turtle, Camel, or Monkey? Once you read the book and take the test you will understand. ( I am a Lion).

“Crucial Conversations ” By: Various Authors via Vital Smarts here (side note: I Read Influencer Last Year). Another great book for Corporate America and Relationship Building. Vital Smarts also offers free webinars.

Want to purchase…Amazon here or Half.com here


Podcast: (Life Saver on my work road trips)

  • Ted Talks Business, Ted Radio Hour (Ted Talks are Great period here)-Ted is known for inspiring conversations, and ideas there are thousands of talks waiting to be explored.
  • So Money with Farnoosh Tarobi here– Great 30 minute does of financial inspiration, and sharing of how many successful entrepreneur began in their journey…a lot of heavy hitters are on her podcast
  • This American Life here -This podcast does a great job of displaying perspective, definitely a favorite.

Download podcast here here

Email Blast:

  • Dave Ramsey/Suze Orman/Feed the Pig herehere, and and here-Because a friendly reminder on finances is a good thing.
  • Buzzfeed-Because you have to smile here
  • Fidelity Investments-Free webinars and articles on finances here
  • Tim Ferriss-Love the 5-Bullet Friday here
  • The Skimm– Because sometimes I don’t have time to read the Wall Street Journal, and they update you on world news in a 5 minute read. here

A few lessons learned in 2015:

  • Take time to invest in yourself
  • Identify free resources to gain daily, monthly, quarterly inspiration
  • Don’t take your ideas for granted, they can grow into something amazing.
  • Do a self check on how you are progressing and what can you adjust to be better?
  • Instead of focusing on a huge year goal, focus on what you can work on today and continue to the next day until it is a great habit.
  • Interact with others who think differently than you, you may not agree with them, but you grow an appreciation for tolerance and a different perspective/paradigm.
  • Share and apply what you have learned

What resources have you used this year for your personal development?  I would love to add additional ones to explore to my list.



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