Planning a Birthday/Date Night for the Hubby


January 1, is the New Year, but it is also the day my husband was born.

This year we decided to have a little more fun and go to a supper club have a meal, and see a “show”. We purchased the tickets to The Moonlight dolls show at Prohibition here.

To get into character for the big night, I ordered my husband a smokers jacket  which was a gift for christmas. (Our neighbor has one and they have plans of starting a Distinguished gentleman’s club…another time for that story…)

For my attire…I surfed the internet and came across this lovely blog Beauticurve here, and hijacked one of the outfits she posted in the 2015 Holiday Look Book. I thought the look would be perfect for the evening, and accompany my husbands attire.

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I also reserved transportation, to drive us round trip because it is less of a hassle and it’s a safe bet to prevent sleepy driving.

We originally planned to go with close friends from Michigan but due to airline difficulties they could not make it…(Super Sad). However, we were able to save the day by inviting another amazing couple who we always have fun with, and could also get into character for the night.

The day started with my hubby doing his favorite thing…playing golf. It has become a tradition since we moved to Texas 4 years ago. Talking to him throughout the day, you could hear the smile in his voice being able to do something he loves even in the colder months.

While the hubby was golfing I was running errands and getting ready for the night. I usually you tube looks for inspiration, however I wanted today to be extra special. I had a few items that I needed to replace at MAC, so I scheduled an appointment for MAC to do my makeup.  The majority of makeup counters will do make up for a $50.00 purchase, just call around (Brand of you’re choosing, Ulta, Sephora, Walgreen’s..etc. ). Kenneth did an amazing job. I tried to take notes on what he used because I clearly was not going to purchase all of that (Eyes: Black tie, texture, sketch, naked, swiss chocolate, layin low, feline eye pencil. Lip: Mahogany lip pencil, Spirit lipstick and love nectar lip gloss. Cheeks: Love Joy)


Before we left for the main attraction, the kids, my mom and I sang Happy Birthday to the man of the day. He got a little chuckle from the sparkling “39” we put on his cake. (Cake and candles from Nothing Bundt Cakes.)

Transportation came to pick up the group and we arrived at Prohibition an hour before the show. The Bar is small and quaint, walking in, you immediately feel the vibe from the era. The cocktails were also fitting for the era. We enjoyed the 20th Century Decadence, and the Lace Slip.( I failed to remember what else was served, the entire drink menu was great!)


When the 100 year old theatre opened, we were escorted to our table by our waiter who had on a newsies hat, circle glasses, and a well groomed mustache. We ordered oysters for an appetizer (note: they will only serve appetizers if you are early). Than we chose our options from the prix-fixe menu.


The show was quite entertaining, it was a variety of sketches, burlesque dancing, and cirque de solil acts. The hubby favorite part was the singing… the groups sang a lot of pop, and hip hop to a jazz piano.

The experience at the supper club is definitely one we would want to repeat. The picture below is blurry, but it sums up the amount of fun we had. The smile on my husband’s face was priceless…



Lessons Learned from the evening:

  • Its fun to do something outside of the box with your spouse/significant other. You may surprise yourself with a new activity you both like.
  • Dressing up with/for your spouse never gets old. Even if it is going out for a quick dinner put on something nice so you both can admire each other all night.
  • Having fun with other couples is a plus especially if you are celebrating something, you will often have stimulating conversations and create memories with your friends.
  • Planning and creating anticipation of an outing for your spouse/significant other brings excitement and a little competition on who can out do the other.

What date night ideas do you have to share? What are epic birthday plans have you done in the past for your spouse/significant other?



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