A Month of Crossfit

Prior to the new year, I started my lifestyle change so no New Year Resolutions needed. However, a few days prior to the new year, my husband tells me “You and Nya have a free month of crossfit…you start Monday, January 4th.” I had no time to really react and say “Well, I really don’t like cross fit, its quite intimidating and I don’t want to go…

I had to check myself, and understand it isn’t about me…it was about our daughter and building up her strength for track and field (Season started in mid January). It was about me being an example…I had to physically challenge my body, so she can have no fear of challenging hers.

The first day of class, I immediately felt a difference in the class. I did not feel the intensity in the room. We were in a quaint setting, and the class size was small. Once everyone signed in, we introduced ourselves and proceeded with a one hour workout. This would be our new schedule (minus work trips) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the month of January.

What I liked most about the class, is that it was a foundation course. The last time I went to crossfit, I found myself injured within the first week. This class however, took the time to teach the technique by using a lightweight bar, than transitioning to the heavier weights. The rhythm of the class was 1) warm-up, 2) technique lesson , 3) strength and 4) work out of the day. Very structured, and even though we were not familiar with the exercises, we knew what to expect within the hour.  Our class had a range in physical capabilities, which made everyone a cheerleader and very supportive.

Committing to a month a crossfit at a 5:30pm time slot after work, was difficult. It is easy to let the day get away from you. It is even easier to just go home and commit to work out the next day. I will admit…every time there was a class, a voice in my head would tell me not to go…but once I was there and finished the workout…you guessed it..I felt great. I was sore, but not to the point where I couldn’t walk (my previous experience with crossfit). I pushed my body every time I was there. One Friday too hard with the burpee’s (I hate them) so my back was very sore. This class was not about the weight scale, it was about me being uncomfortable and conquering it. 

The month of cross fit was also an hour every MWF (exception of traveling for work) I got to go through something challenging with my daughter. I am humble to report, that the 14 year old is a lot stronger than me, and every class she lifted the highest in the class (she worked out with the only guy in the class). I was expecting her to complain, and not try, like she does when she works out with her father. In this class, I saw a warrior in her ready for the challenge, and even when it was hard she did not give up.

If you are in The Woodlands, Texas  area…I recommend taking this introductory course at Cross Fit Town Center HERE. This one month opportunity, taught me the proper technique, help me bond with my daughter, and it did not scare me out of future cross fit opportunities. The month of February, I will not be able to commit a full month of classes, however I will challenge myself in another arena…RUNNING (I don’t like running, I’m thinking I actually hate it, and did I mention I also hate burpee’s???)…Progress is and lifestyle is the objective, so another month out of my comfort zone it is.


Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury to say no, just go for it and accept the challenge
  • You always feel better after a good workout, your mood will change immediately
  • You don’t have time to take pictures of yourself during a Cross Fit workout (reason I have none to share).
  • Cross fit is like a family, everyone is in pain…however, the saying is true…”No Pain, No Gain”

What has been your toughest workout? How did you push through it? What is your favorite physical fitness routine, that you have incorporated into your lifestyle?



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