Spring Is Here…Easter 2016



As a wife and a mom, the need to create memories and experiences for the family is always a priority. This year for Easter, we went simple but kept it in the theme of spring.

What doesn’t say spring, more than the presence of flowers? As stated in previous post, we purchase our flowers from Trader Joe’s you can usually find a nice bouquet for around $3.99 and up. The flowers are always seasonal so it is an easy go to for decorations, to set the scene.

The 2016 Easter menu was a mixture of 10% traditional 90% non-traditional.



  • Bunny Breadsticks (I know it is not as pretty as the recipe picture…lol)- recipe


Main Course:

Honey Baked Ham-info here (This is a childhood nastalga, so why not keep that tradition…)

Roasted Chicken-recipe in previous post


Accordian Potatoes-recipe here

Garlic & Thyme Green Beans-recipe here


Kale: (Butter, shallots, salt, pepper, and white wine)

Slow Cooker Creamed Corn-recipe here



Carrot Cake Cheesecake (A Hit with the family)recipe here (complete finished product had frosting and nuts. I put nuts on half of the cake because of the kids limited pallets…)


This dinner I was not over ambitious. We introduced some new dishes, and enjoyed some old. The most important thing is that we were together as a family creating memories.


Lessons Learned from this experience:

  • Don’t cook too late and fall asleep, even slow cooker recipes can burn…I had to do the corn twice. I left it in the slow cooker longer than what the recipe called for.
  • When you are confident you can over come a few fears. This was my first cheesecake, and I must say it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be.
  • Getting kids involved (daughter helped with the bunny roles) in the process at an early age, will allow you to pass on old and new family traditions, and everyone feels like they have contributed to the big picture.
  • GRATITUDE! Today is a day were many reflect on a higher power than us, and having the comfort and the faith that no matter what we are going through, we are going to be all right.


What are some memories you have from you child hood from spring and Easter?

What new memories have you created with your family?

What are your favorite Easter dishes?





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